XFUL (Converde Energy USA Inc.)

Converde Energy USA Inc. (XFUL), soon to be known as American Energy Partners, is a U.S. diversified energy company who will focus on providing solutions in the market where energy production and water meet technology to protect and sustain the environment.

As a whole, XFUL engages in the design, building, and operations of regional water treatment facilities as well as energy operations that serve the energy, industrial, and government sectors.

Specifically, one of XFUL’s subsidiary, the Hydration Company of PA is a water exploration, augmentation, and treatment of impacted waters company with a patent-pending process to locate, treat, and distribute cleaner water in addition to mitigating drought conditions by accessing previously unavailable water and has pending contracts with government agencies and other industrial companies in a broad range of markets.

Within the energy and mining sectors, XFUL’s second subsidiary, American Energy solutions, operates as an industrial waste stream treatment company engaged in the remediation of coal ash, acid mine drainage, drill cuttings, flowback and produced waters, superfunds, and other industrial processes whereas XFUL’s Gilbert Oil & Gas Company serves as a exploration and production company focusing on drilling, operating, and partnership opportunities in the upstream oil and gas sector.

Together, the company intends to accelerate its growth by partnering with large corporations and government entities that facilitate water project design, ownership and sourcing on a regional basis. Currently, XFUL is partnered with the Susquehanna River Basin Commission in Pennsylvania to: reduce damages caused by floods; provide a reasonable, sustained development use of surface and ground water for commercial, industrial, agricultural, recreational, and municipal purposes; protect water quality and instream uses; protect and restore fisheries, aquatic habitats, and wetlands; and ensure the future availability of water flow to the Chesapeake Bay. In a similar manner, XFUL has also partnered with the Eastern Pennsylvania Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation to commence a multi-phase study that, if successful, “may lead to the supply of millions of gallons of [isolated mine water] that feeds the Susquehanna River.”

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