Russia Sues Apple for Withdrawing its Payment Service in the Country

Manufacturer of consumer electronics, software and online services Apple Inc. (AAPL) has been sued by Russia for withdrawing its payment service in the country. Late last week, a Russian law firm confirmed having filed a lawsuit against the iPhone manufacturer seeking $1.28 million in damages for consumers affected by the withdrawal.

The law firm, Chernyshov, Lukoyanov & Partners, says that Apple violated Russia’s consumer rights after it restricted the use of its built-in Apple Pay service on March 1 after Russia send troops to Ukraine.

According to the lawsuit filed in Moscow court, it seeks compensation for the in which it said comprised compensation foe moral damage caused to the citizens, it also wants Apple to resume operations of Apple Pay services for Russian users.

The law firm further claims that the move by Apple to discontinue Apple Pay services in Russia reduced the functionality of its devices sold across the country thereby lowering their value an action which is unfair and discriminatory under the Russian law.

Senior Partner Konstantin Lukoyanov, said they are still investigating more claims into the matter hence there is a possibility of the total figure going up.

Therefore, our lawsuit’s claims are directed firstly at the parent company and secondly at its subsidiary units,” added Lukoyanov.

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