CETY (Clean Energy Technologies Inc.)

Clean Energy Technologies Inc. (CETY) is a California based, clean energy and environmentally sustainable technology company who designs, builds, and markets new energy efficient solutions, specifically a heat recovery solutions systems that turns waste heat into electricity.

After a recent acquisition, CETY’s principal product is a Heat Recovery Solutions Clean Cycle which captures waste heat from a variety of sources and converts it into clean, affordable electricity that can used or sold back to the grid in addition to having a reciprocating engine, boilers, and geothermal applications. All this is possible through a compact, modular generator system that requires no additional fuel, produces no additional emissions, and is designed to operate in a wide range of environments including remote islands and freezing conditions.

With the simple use of heat, each of CETY’s Clean Cycle unit can generate up to 140KWH of electricity to power over 100 U.S. homes and avoid 196,000 liters of diesel fuel per year. From a financial standpoint, one unit of CETY’s product has the potential to generate over $2 million worth of electricity over the next 15 years, assuming 100kW net power, 8,000 hours per year, and $0.15/kWh electricity increasing at 5% each year.

Currently, CETY is gearing up for a Completion of a System installation in Tennessee that will provide clean, renewable electricity to a municipal wastewater treatment plant. With the use of this equipment, the client will be able to convert 8,000 tons of waste material from landfills into over 1 million kilowatts-hour of renewable electricity over the 20-year project. In addition, the state will see an annual reduction of 2,500 tons of carbon emissions and was awarded a grant from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.


Website(s): www.ceti.io



Market Outlook:

  • There are over 100 units installed by General Electric International (GE) around the world with over 1 million fleet operating hours.
  • Heat is another form of energy that is frequently released out of compression stations, the stacks of power plants, industrial facilities, and various other facilities.
  • 3 out of 5 of the primary energy used in power plants become waste heat.
  • The U.S. industrial sector accounts for one-third of all energy used in the nation.
  • During the manufacturing processes, 20-50% of industrial energy input is lost as waste heat the streams of hot liquids and exhaust gases.


Recent News:

  • CETY’s recent Company Update Report detailed the company’s earnings of approximately $1.2 million of revenue in the first quarter of 2016.

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